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352nd Fighter Group Association

This is the official web site of the 352nd Fighter Group Association founded in 1980.   On this site you will find historical information on the 352nd Fighter Group, information concerning the activities of the association, and links to other web sites that are related to the 352nd or WWII aviation.

This site is also the home of several Virtual Fighter Groups honoring the 352nd FG flying in War Birds, MS Combat Flight Simulator and IL2 Forgotten Battles.


Preddy Memorial Foundation

The purpose of the Preddy Memorial Foundation is to ensure that Maj. George E. Preddy, Jr., First Lieutenant William R. Preddy and their comrades at arms will continue to be honored for their significant contributions to victory during World War II. Maj. George E. Preddy, Jr., the top scoring Mustang Ace of all wars, was a member of the 352nd FG.


Troy White - Stardust Studios

Visit the online studio's of Troy White, aviation Artist.  Most of the art work on this site is his and is used with his gracious permission.  While your their, visit the "Bluenosers" section; art work inspired by the actions of the 352nd FG.
      "Legend of Y-29"


Air Force Association

The nearly 150,000-member Air Force Association, formed in 1946, is an independent, nonprofit, civilian aerospace organization that promotes public understanding of aerospace power and national defense. AFA is led by volunteer leaders at the national, state, and local levels. The association has some 300 chapters around the country and abroad.

I recommend visiting the Air Force Association Magazine "Valor", "WWII" section.  There are some excellent pilot biographies including the following members of the 352nd Fighter Group:

George Preddy

John Meyer

Bill Whisner




Little Friends: 8th Air Force Fighter Groups

This site is dedicated to all those who flew and served in the US 8th Army Air Force Fighter Command during World War 2. It is a consolidation of details gathered over many years including the various reference works published on the subject and is presented as a research tool to 8th Air Force historians.




Warbirds Resource Group: Legends of the 352nd

The Warbirds Resource Group was formed to provide a cohesive organization that ties the various resource groups together. There are currently six resource groups in existence. The USAAF Resource Group is devoted to the keeping and dissemination of the history of those who served with the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. The Legends of the 352nd has information on over 20 of the 352nd's well known pilots.  



A Directory of Fighter Associations Totaling over 400! A great place to look for current information on fighter associations from all branches of the military.


366th Fighter Group Association

Dedicated to all the men and women who have faithfully served their country in war and peace as members of the 366th Fighter Group and its successor organizations throughout the years.